Thereā€™s been a few films out there about robots being taught to function, such as Chappie and Ex Machina. In Blank Bodies, a short film written and directed by Ryan Weatrowski, a pair of robots are printed up as blank slates by an art group, things go south as pair fall in love.

Hereā€™s the video. As a warning, itā€™s NSFW.

While I watched this, I couldnā€™t help but shake a sense that thereā€™s some real biblical material running in the background here: the imagery of a man and a woman being created as blank slates, and ultimately rejecting their creators is pretty vivid.


For a short, kickstarted film, this is pretty interesting, and the execution is pretty good. The themes that Weatrowski is playing with are ones that have been discussed in science fiction for a while now, but itā€™s nice to see a slightly different take on the topic.