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Blake's 7 Reboot Coming to U.S. Television?

Illustration for article titled emBlakes 7/em Reboot Coming to U.S. Television?

The British show Blake's 7 is one of those TV series that has a small cult following — but a huge impact on the history of science fiction television, with its morally gray, arc-based storytelling influencing a whole generation of creators. There's been talk of a new Blake's 7 series, either a reboot or a sequel featuring Paul Darrow as Avon, for a decade — but now, there's a brand new deal to make it happen. On American television.


All the previous notions of reviving Blake's 7 were supposed to be on British television, probably a satellite TV network. But according to Deadline, Martin Campbell (Casino Royale, Green Lantern) has gotten involved in a bid by Georgeville Television to create a new Blake's 7 series that reinvents the show from scratch — and Campbell is signed up direct the pilot. The script will be written by Joe Pokaski, who wrote for Heroes. Andrew Sewell, who was behind all the previous attempts to bring the show back, will be on board as an executive producer.

It doesn't sound very likely that this new, Americanized Blake's 7 could recapture what was genuinely great about the original, including the acid wit and the sense that Blake was a fanatic who might be willing to cross almost any line to fight the evil interstellar Federation. The worst case scenario is that we get something like the V remake. On the plus side, it could mean a new show about spaceships on network TV. And it's probably not going to materialize, in any case. I can just imagine the pitch meetings now. [Deadline]

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"OK, OK, this British 'Blake's Seven' thing seems popular. Tell me about it."

"The first thing you should know is that there aren't really seven of them. And much of the time, there's no one called Blake either."

"O-kay ... so, who are the characters?"

"Well, there's a fanatical revolutionary, a cold-hearted computer criminal, a smuggler, a cowardly thief, a half-witted murderer and a telepathic terrorist."

"And those are the bad guys, right?"

"No, they're the good guys. The bad guys are called the Federation."

"Wait, wait, the Federation are the good guys. I've seen 'Star Trek'."

"That's 'Star Trek'. This is a little different."

"So they're not fighting Captain Spock and that other guy, what's his name, the bald one?"

"No, different universe."

"Hmm. Not sure the fans are going to like this. Anyway, what do they do, these 'good guys' of yours?"

"Well, they mostly fly around in a spaceship, sabotaging things and planting bombs."

"Sort of Al-Qaeda in space, is that what you're saying?"

"I guess that's one way of looking at it."

"I don't think it's gonna work. Tell you what, though, I have an idea. Why don't we lose the whole sci-fi bit and turn them into a heist crew? Every week, a different heist. We'll have to get rid of the revolutionary and the terrorist - too much of a downer - but we can fit the thief and the hacker right in there. And that gives us a tag-line to die for. Wanna hear it?"

"I ... uh ..."

"Before there was 'Ocean's Eleven', there was 'Blake's Seven'. What do you think? Are we golden, or what?"