Blade Runner Gets Remastered in Microsoft Paint

There’s been approximately 50 million different cuts of Blade Runner since it first released, but we finally have the definitive version of Ridley Scott’s vision: the MS Paint cut.

The incredible Tumblr MSP Blade Runner, run by David MacGowan, does exactly what it says on the tin—it’s a shot-by-shot recreation of the seminal scifi movie, lovingly remade with the crude tools of Microsoft’s long-running art program. Okay, maybe “art” should be used sparingly when it comes to MS Paint creations, but this is truly phenomenal:


It’s as weird and wonderful as you’d expect it to be—it’s like a little kid’s scribbled drawings kept on the fridge, of a movie most little kids probably should be watching their age. MacGowan has been posting new images every day since June, and has yet to complete the movie, but it’s well worth checking out the full thing.

[MSP Blade Runner Via Motherboard]

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