Darwin over at AICN just checked out the Final Cut edition of Blade Runner in LA, and he says that the scene where psycho replicant Roy (Rutger Hauer) confronts his maker Tyrell has been made more family-friendly. In the original version, Roy tells Tyrell: "I want more life, fucker." Final Cut has him saying: "I want more life, father." But when Roy pops Tyrell's eyeballs out in the very next scene, more gore and goo has been restored. I'm all in favor of more eyeball glop, but has Ridley Scott gone all Steven Spielberg on us? This is much worse than Spielberg editing out "penis breath" from his E.T. 25th Anniversary Edition. Roy is supposed to be wrathful and strung-out, not a petulant son going Menendez on daddy.

Blade Runner Final Cut [via AICN]