Blade Runner 2049 Used Amazingly Detailed Miniature Sets to Bring Its Cities to Life

Despite 35 years of technological advancements separating Blade Runner and its sequel, the visual effects wizards who helped create the tired and worn futuristic version of Los Angeles for Blade Runner 2049 still relied on detailed miniature sets and buildings instead of just replicating it all in CG.

In this short behind-the-scenes look at the making of Blade Runner 2049, Weta Workshop gives us a look inside its model shops. They produce incredibly detailed miniatures that, when filmed with the right camera move, lens, frame speed, and lighting, can actually look more convincing than cutting-edge CG. 3D modeling software is still used to design the scale-model cities, but building, painting, and weathering is all handled by talented artists who can make a five-foot tower look like a skyscraper on film.


[YouTube via Nerdist]

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