We've been hearing about Stephen Dorff and director Stephen Norrington's Blade prequel for ages. First it was going to be a Deacon Frost-centric trilogy, then it was Deacon Frost meets Scarface. Now the film-makers might just reinvent the vampire entirely.


In an interview with Shock Till Ya Drop , actor Dorff reveals that he is still intent on bringing back his vampire emo bad boy character from Blade. But it sounds like things haven't been too easy for Dorff and Norrington, as far as legal issues and time. So what does he do? Invent an entirely new vampire, for their Scarface meets Blade movie mash up. From the interview:

"Me and Steve Norrington had a cool treatment for that, and when vampires got all this trending again, we thought we should do the adult version, more of like a Scarface Deacon Frost movie. And it sounded cool, this treatment, but then there was so many legal things. Like New Line owned Blade and Marvel's got...all this hype into 'The Avengers' and this group movie which sounds like such a mistake."

"Blade was such a '90s thing. I didn't want to do a Blade movie, I just really wanted to take Deacon and do then do a whole other thing which was much more today. So the idea me and Steve had, we might just end up fictionalizing it and just making a new character which might even be better for us. And he's someone I really like and would love to work with again. So hopefully whenever we get a chance we'll get into that."

Well he's right, we have seem to hit the vampire crest, so here's what we suggest. Scrap that whole Blade prequel thing (we've already had Daybreakers) and go for a Nic Cage lunatic Vampire's Kiss remake. Now there's something that will scare the Hot Topic vampire-loving masses away from this monster.

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