Black Widow Will Lead the Resistance Against Steve Rogers in Secret Empire

Image: Marvel Comics. Art by Meghan Hetrick.

When Steve Rogers makes his allegiance to Hydra public at the start of Secret Empire, the superhero community is naturally going to be pretty shocked. But before he can enact his crazy plan to rule the Earth, Natasha Romanov is going to try and stop him, and she’s recruiting a few friends to help her resistance.

Revealed by Comic Book Resources this morning, Natasha’s plight to stop Steve and the rise of Hydra will unfold in a special one-shot comic from Derek Landy and J. Cassara, Secret Empire: Uprising. But not even the best superspy in the Marvel Universe can bring down Hydra on her own, so Widow will recruit Riri Williams, the Invincible Ironheart,; Nadia Pym, the Unstoppable Wasp; Joaquin Torres, the latest Falcon,; and a few members of the Champions—Miles Morales, Amadeus Cho, and Viv Vision—to her cause.


It’s pretty much Marvel’s youngest and brightest taking on the original Captain America... with a little help in subterfuge training from Natasha. That sounds pretty damn fantastic, if you ask me. Uprising will drop in June, to coincide with events in the third issue of Secret Empire’s ongoing saga.

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