Black Sails opening looks like H.R. Giger's Pirates of the Caribbean

Illustration for article titled emBlack Sails/em opening looks like H.R. Gigers Pirates of the Caribbean

Looks like Starz is going down the Game of Thrones route for the opening credits of their upcoming pirate series Black Sails. There aren't any people, just a series of elaborate scenery, consisting of creepy sculptures and statues of pirates, skeletons, and ladies and/or wenches. Oh, and violence. Can't forget the violence!


These opening credits are pretty elegant, don't you think? They're really going to class up all the graphic decapitations and softcore lesbian orgies Starz is going to insert into each episode.


Black Sails debuts on January 25th, me maties.

[Via EW]

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"Music by Bear McCreary"

"Executive Producer: Michael Bay"