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Obviously, someone at Marvel Studios agreed with us when we said that African superhero the Black Panther should be a star in his own right. One of the exclusive previews fans will be able to see at next week's San Diego Comic-Con is of BET's new Black Panther animated series.


For those unfamiliar with the Black Panther, the character was the first black superhero in mainstream American comics, created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby during their historic Fantastic Four run. The king of a fictitious African country of Wakanda, a technologically-advanced nation hidden from Western civilization, T'Challa came to America to save his homeland from American Imperialists, fight crime and teach inner-city kids to read. During his 42-year history, he's belonged to the Avengers, led the Fantastic Four and married the X-Men's Storm, as well as proven himself to be one of the smartest characters in Marvel's universe and just generally bad-ass.

The new television show - to be adapted from the first six issues of Marvel's current Black Panther series, coincidentally (or not, as the case may be) written by BET's President of Entertainment, Reginald Hudlin - is still in production for a planned early 2009 airdate, but a specially-produced preview will be shown at the con during BET's Saturday panel, much to the delight of fanboys in attendance.

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