Black Panther and Black Widow Have a War of Words in This Short But Sweet Civil War Deleted Scene

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Civil War had a lot of fun stuff in it, but its pitch-perfect introduction of the Black Panther is one of our absolute favorite parts. This new deleted scene featuring him and Black Widow having a loaded little chat is certainly no exception to the film’s rule that T’Challa basically has to be awesome in every scene he’s in.


Revealed by USA Today this morning, the clip—one of many included in Civil War’s home release—features Black Panther and Black Widow engaging in a bit of psychological warfare as each of them tries to probe deep into the other.


As you can see, T’Challa and Natasha exchange barbs, with the latter calling out the new king for being politically naive—which is when General Ross interrupts them and proves, to Natasha’s chagrin, that T’Challa’s political savvy is pretty much indisputable. The look on Chadwick Boseman’s face is perfect.

You can see why it was cut—it doesn’t really add much to T’Challa and Natasha’s arc together in the film—but it’s still a fantastic moment.

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Angrier Geek

Thanks for posting all of these for those of us who will not be buying it.

That said, I’m currently rewatching Avengers: Earth’s Mightest Heroes, the awesome show they got rid of so they could replace it with the crappy kiddie version now running. Damn, it’s good. It’s. So. Good.