As someone living in a country where Pokémon Go has yet to come out, it’s been certainly something to be an outsider looking in upon the sheer Pokémania that has gripped the U.S. this weekend—a touch disconcerting even, which this brilliant mash-up between the app and Black Mirror highlights to hilarious effect.


The footage, which comes from an episode from Black Mirror’s second season, “White Bear,” features a woman who is let loose in a dystopian Britain, but constantly stalked and filmed by the smartphones of the general public. It may be familiar to what you’ve seen in the last few days, as seemingly everyone with a smartphone ventures outside in a quest for sore legs and sweet digital monsters (sorry, wrong Japanese franchise).

As for what Black Mirror series creator Charlie Brooker—who shared the above video on Twitter—thinks of the augmented reality app, well... it could be pretty great fodder for a new episode of the series:


I could definitely see this episode happening when the new season of Black Mirror hits Netflix. That is, if Pokémon Go hasn’t actually turned society upside down by then already.

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