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Black Mirror will warp your mind a second time

Illustration for article titled emBlack Mirror/em will warp your mind a second time

Black Mirror was one of the most ambitious, haunting pieces of television we've seen in years — so it's excellent news that we're apparently getting three more hours of it.


According to SFX, Channel 4 has commissioned a second year of Charlie Brooker's audacious anthology program, comparing Brooker to Dennis Potter as well as Brasseye's Chris Morris. Says Channel 4 head of comedy Shane Allen:

British drama seems particularly obsessed with murder and the past, often together. Black Mirror is a rare modern look at where society and individuals could be headed, given the all-pervasive deluge of social media and technology.


Oh, and apparently the first episode of season one, in which the British Prime Minister gets blackmailed into a very sticky situation, received 322 official complaints.

The second season will start filming in August, and Brooker is writing all three episodes. [Thanks Benjamin!]

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Black Mirror: hands-down, the best piece of television/film that I never, ever want to see again.