You know how time travel flicks can get really, really weird if they're done right? Nothing is weirder than Event 16, a movie about what's happening in Wellington today, tomorrow, and yesterday.

I loved this low budget mindbender, even though Event 16 has some of the usual problems of time-travel movies, with a convoluted plot and a lot of "actually I'm this guy from the past, but in the future, in a present-day disguise!" But there's so much good stuff in it, like this scene between two agents from the future, meeting in a present-day Wellington restaurant.


One guy is there representing what amounts to temporal law enforcement, trying to make sure events in the past happen they way they are supposed to. The other is a woman who sells black market devices that reveal who you really are under whatever weird physical cover assigned you by the authorities. It seems as if she's selling these armbands to people from the future who are agents in the present, unable to connect with their real, future selves. Actually to be honest I have no idea what she's doing other than being a black market dealer in cool identity tech, and I love it.

The rest of the movie is just as weird, focusing on a serial killer from the past who needs to go into the future to get neurological treatments that can cure his madness . . . or not. The low-budget effects are used to great and creative effect, and a lot of the performances are pretty damn good. If you want a good time travel brainteaser, or just want to see all the futuristic-looking places in Wellington, definitely check out Event 16.


Event 16 via IMDB

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