Black Manta Will Be the Villain in the Aquaman Movie, Because of Course He Will

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Seriously. The list of Aquaman villains people are aware of starts with Black Manta, and then promptly ends with it. Who else would it be?


The Wrap is reporting that Jason Momoa’s Arthur Curry will square off against Black Manta—one of his oldest and most regular rivals in the comics—when Aquaman hits theaters in 2018. No further details about the character were revealed, so while confirmation is nice, it’s not exactly surprising.

Black Manta is without a doubt Aquaman’s most recognizable foe, his answer to Superman and Lex Luthor or Batman and the Joker—on a list of such notable villains as “the Fisherman” or “the Human Flying Fish” (sensing a pattern here?). Who else could Aquaman possibly face in his first movie?

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Personally I would prefer it if Aqua Man spent the beginning of the film gathering together the baddest, most mentally unstable sea life in the ocean together to form a team to face the threat that Superman represents to the world’s oceans.

Then they invade the arctic seas that his fortress of solitude lies in and fight off waves of kryptonian robots that defend it before facing off with a newly escaped Lex Luthor that’s in a submersible for some reason.

Add a bunch of songs that encapsulate each moment (but are catchy!) and then make it as violent as possible.

Adding a coherent plot-line would be an optional bonus.