Black Cat's Spider-Man 4 Story Revealed

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Yesterday, rumors spread that actresses Rachel McAdams and Romola Garai were possibly trying out for the role of Black Cat in Spider-man 4. Additional details have surfaced confirming the presence of Black Cat in the next film, and her story.


Website Hey You Guys is claiming that McAdams isn't the only actress up for the role of Black Cat, but that the character is definitely in the movie and breaks away from her comic book story of insane daughter to a famous thief. Instead....

Apparently she is the daughter of the new editor of The Daily Bugle, a man who is also referred to as ‘a viper' (more on this in a second). She falls in love with Peter Parker, and uncovers his true identity. Her father then dies, and Hardy becomes a threat to Peter Parker (presumably as The Black Cat).


HYG is also claiming that the term VIPER has a big role to play in the next film — any ideas?

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