To commemorate the World War I centenary, the Open University enlisted a photograph restoration expert to painstakingly colorize black and white images found in archives around the world. Staring at us from across a century, the people in the images convey iconic moments on battlefields and at the home front.

A trench on the Albanian front in 1918, where a soldier receives a hair cut from an Alpine barber.

A group of soldiers advance from a trench, over a protective sandbag wall (circa 1915).

A mobile pigeon loft, enabling messages to be sent from the Front Line back to headquarters.

A young boy and girl ride in a decorated toy car to promote the Red Cross during a charity fundraising event in Adelaide, Australia.

Indian infantry wearing gas masks in a trench, 1915, prepared for a gas attack.

German Field Artillery Regiment crew, with a 7.7 cm Feldkanone 96 field gun, 1914.

Visit the Open University to see more photos, as well as the original black and white versions.

[H/T PBS Newshour]