Bird Arm Babies, Nic Cage's Mighty Sword And El Eternauta Footage

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We've got a grab-bag of crazy for you this week. First up is a look at the test footage of the movie adaptation of graphic novel El Eternauta, complete with poison snow. Plus creepy flying kids and Nic Cage.


El Eternauta
Last year, we found out that 1950s graphic novel by Héctor Germán Oesterheld, El Eternauta was being turned into a film. The book begins with a poison snow blanketing Buenos Aires, killing most people beside our hero Juan Salvo, aka El Eternauta. Jaun dons a scuba suit and heads out to fight our alien invaders and save what's left of the human race. It's being directed by Lucrecia Martel and a little bit of footage is now out:

Meanwhile, Quiet Earth found this fanmade trailer, and like they say, it kind of beats the test footage. But let us remember this is merely TEST footage. I have high hopes for this poison snow alien picture. Even if it's merely to see a scuba suit hero.


Twitch brought our attention to this horrifying creation. Look, I may be jaded, but if I saw someone with bird arms flying around, my knee jerk reaction would be to shoot it down. It's HEADED RIGHT FOR US! This film is Dutch/Belgian and called iep or Eep! The premise is about a couple who has a baby with bird arms, and instead of smashing it with a rock, they let it grow. But when it gets older it tries to fly South, and calamity ensues.

SUCK came out at TIFF, and damn it all if l don't love it. How can you not? It's got Iggy Pop telling you the two most important things in the world: "Always wear a condom and never trust a goddamn vampire." Plus, it's also got Moby dressed up like the biker from YMCA, Henry Rollins and Alice Cooper. I'm not sure how old this is, but here's a new music video from the video I stumbled upon. If you think it's as hilarious as I do check out the clip with Malcolm McDowell and Dave Foley.



Season of The Witch
I know, I know it's not really in our wheelhouse, but giant dragons couldn't stop me from posting an update about Nic Cage's sword fighting film. It's Nic Cage versus MAGIC and zombie monks and apparently leprosy. Coming out March 19th, 2010.

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Chip Overclock®

"I know it's not really in our wheelhouse"

It's okay by me that you cover anything that could be described as "fannish". I trust your judgement. Even though none of us really know what "fannish" encompasses. The best we've been able to do is "I know it when I see it".

Personally, I've been described by two former managers as "a renaissance man" and by one as "unfocused". They're all probably right. So I know how hard it is to decide what your purview really is. It's a challenge to define your market, when SF and fantasy fans are known for having interests all over the map.

(Why is GLEE fannish? Damned if I know. But it is.)