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Bioshock Infinite: The Movie is already here for your viewing pleasure

Between the floating city of Columbia, the steampunk aesthetic and the evil robot George Washington Terminator, I imagine there's a lot of io9 readers interested in the new video game Bioshock Infinite. But playing video games is Kotaku's things, not ours. What to do? Well, how about we just watch the game's footage edited into one epic movie?


Yes, all you folks interested in the game's setting and story but who are completely uninterested in picking up a controller can just watch Bioshock Infinite as one quite lengthy movie, as played and edited by Dangs08. Apparently it took him three days to play, edit and assemble into the 3.5 hour version above. Obviously, this means the movie is in first-person, but if you're only interested watching Bioshock Infinite and not particularly playing it, this is obviously the way to go.

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Kind of sad they toned down the "offensive" material on religion. As if the racism in the game was somehow less offensive. Aside from that I think the game did great at portraying a more accurate picture of the US from that era. In other words, a world that looks happy and "ideal" on the surface but underneath ran a stream of problems. It paints a picture of what I imagine republicans and the "real america" wants the US to be.

I wonder how well the game will do overseas due to the heavy references to US history. Hell, I'll be amazed if a majority of US players will recognize all those events... If you don't recognize those events I would recommend learning a bit about them to better understand the context of the game. The important ones are brought up repeatedly and revolve around the problems brought on by the latent racist, imperialism, and growing pains of the industrial revolution.

Ultimately I think this is the best Bioshock yet. The combat was fun with a decent amount of challenge scattered about. And the story was great as usual.