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The first gameplay footage for Bioshock 2 gives us hope for the future of Steampunk, and of Hollywood. This is the type of gear-spinning, mechanical underwater world we deserve.


The second game takes place in the 70s, ten years after the original. Yes, that's you controlling Big Daddy - Amazing, I know. In the video, you're chasing down Big Sister whilst the screams of helpless victims echo in the distance. Also, I believe that Bridgette Tenenbaum makes a quickie appearance. Apparently Tenebaum is distraught because "Big Sister" is taking little girls and turning them into monsters. You play Tenebaum's only hope, the prototype Big Daddy, and doesn't it feel good when you're holding the drill?


After watching this, one can only hope that Hollywood is paying attention. Yes, they're making a Bioshock film, but this is bigger than that. Oftentimes, the stories told via video game are a thousand times more compelling than most blockbusters. I hope the Bio film lives up to the game and maybe inspires Hollywood to hire a few folks from the video game world rather than just making a terrible Chun Li film.

Here is a much older trailer for Bioshock 2:

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