Her show may be essentially dead - I think we can officially say that it's not going to come back anytime soon by now, right? - but Bionic Woman's Michelle Ryan isn't apologetic about last year's flat, annoying remake of the '70s series in the slightest.

Speaking to the UK's Radio Times magazine ahead of the show's launch in Britain, Ryan talked about the show in the past tense, but seemed defiant about any criticism thrown in the direction of the series:

The show had so much potential. It's had creative changes; some things didn't work, but in launching a TV show that's all part of the process... To get six months on air - or even the three that we did - is an achievement. To have a hit show that runs for years... the likelihood is one in a million.


She's still holding out hope that the show will be renewed by NBC, saying that if an order for new episodes is given, "everyone will go back with renewed enthusiasm."

Well, apart from the viewers, of course.

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