Bionic Woman Fans With "Urgent" Ideas About Jeans

Is Bionic Woman the only show on TV that is disliked even by its own fans? A visit to NBC's official message boards might make you think so, with threads bearing titles like "I want something different" and "PRODUCERS: you are KILLING this show." Not that all of those dedicated enough to post to the boards are necessarily to be listened to, as some of the following comments show.

Take, for example, the opening post to a thread titled "New Bionic Woman ideas! Please READ!":

Here are a few of my Urgent suggestions for the new bionic woman tv series, Wardrobe for jaime sommers is awful & needs a fast update, she is always seen wearing the same unattractive skinny jeans & short little leather jackets, & those black boots are good for the trash can..pronto, she needs to be a bit more feminine & a bit less like a lady truck driver! the action sequences & little to no special affects is absolutely terrible & quite sour. The entier point of this series is special affects & stunt coordination, Jaime Sommers is not a fung fu / martial arts expert, which is exactly how you are approaching the stunt work. Its quite boring seeing her use her bionics with no affects, Here is a clue for you! People still want to see the slow motion affect, why don't you take that idea & update it a little ? Thsi new series has soo my=uch potential is you would start listening to the people who are watching the series & supporting it !


Don't worry; it's not just the clothing and stunts that are a problem:

This show sounds GREAT - unfortunately because of the way it is filmed/edited I can't watch it! The show is literally nauseating and the eye strain from just a few seconds of watching is painful... Anyone else have this problem? What is up with the camera work - my 10 year old nephew can hold the camcorder with more stability then, "Johnny with the handicam," this filmmaker chose to use. I understand film techniques, but this one is EXTREME.

Luckily, there are some people who're willing to defend the show, even if they're hardly the friendliest kind:

You're not the writer, you're just the audience. The Writers know what they are doing. So, stop whining. And no one cares much whether you are disappointed or not... NBC probably go bankrupt without you, but I think they willing to take the risk to endure the hardship without your support.


It's almost worth hoping that the show gets a back nine order just to see whether the fans will end up trying to kill each other before the end of the season.

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