Bionic Woman 1.0 Wasn't Afraid to Be Tough

In this clip from the original 1970s run of the Bionic Woman, you'll discover something that's missing in the new show. No, it's not baggy grey sweat suits. Star Lindsay Wagner may look unathletic here (not that I could do any better), but she clearly takes pleasure showing off her bionic abilities. We never see that in the new show.

Why aren't there any bionic showoff scenes in Bionic Woman 2007, despite all the publicity claptrap about how this time around Jaime Sommers is going flex some muscle? Instead we've seen a Bionic Woman who woodenly mouths "you-go-girl" platitudes while displaying a wishy-washy reluctance to show off in front of the boys. It's a sorry state of affairs when the original Jaime Sommers seems to have a better handle on her power than the allegedly updated model.


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