Bionic Breakbeats, or The Best Robot Songs

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If you're a post-human robot living in a world that's long since been discarded by humanity, you're going to want some tunes to listen to. Or at least process them through your sub-neural micronet. Eventually robots will figure out how to make their own superior robo-songs, but until then we've compiled the definitive list of the best robot songs by humans.

  • Kraftwerk — "We Are Robots": The original video for this song came out back in 1978, and they released an updated version in 1991. During their 1981 concert tour they used mannequins to perform as themselves onstage in a bizarre "robots singing about robots" moment.
  • Peter Miser — "Scent of a Robot": Pete Miser is actually Pete Ho, an asian-american hip hop rapper who breaks beats in New York City. This robot video features cool CGI versions of Pete becoming a robot.
  • Flight of the Conchords — "The Humans Are Dead": Probably the finest post-human robot song is one written for the robots of the future by the humans of today, just so they'll have something to dance the funky robot to, on our mass graves.
  • Bjork — All Is Full Of Love": One singing Bjork robots would be pretty creepy, but imagine what would happen with two of them singing with each other. Now you can see it for yourself.
  • Beck — "Hell Yes": This video was directed by Garth Jennings of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, and features the world's (at the time) only four QRIO robots doing some fan dancing.
  • Daft Punk — "Robot Rock": Daft Punk already thinks that they are robots, and they go out of their way to hide their humanity from audiences. So who better than robots to provide some of the first music for robots?
  • Styx — "Mr. Roboto": This video is about Robert Orin Charles Kilroy (ROCK) hiding inside a "roboto" prison guard robot to escape from jail. Of course, this will just give away that secret to real robots, so now we're screwed.

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We need The Flaming Lips' "Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots" (Pts. 1&2). Human vs robot conflict! What more could io9 be about?