Bionic Baddie Vs. The Blogger

Just over a week ago at a Battlestar Galactica fan convention in Burbank, Katee "Starbuck" Sackhoff did a little over-sharing. According to LiveJournal user Roadrunner, she fired a few salvos at Bionic Woman, saying she wouldn't be back on the show even if it returned post-strike. Then she dissed the show and its low ratings a few times. Cue the internet snowball effect. USA Today picked up the story and ran with it, and now Katee is running damage control today on TV Guide, saying "It's sad because you want to connect with the fans, and then they throw it in your face in a negative light." Yeah, we're totally sad.


It's a case of she-said/she-said, but a quick visit to Roadrunner's blog shows that other attendees heard her dissing Bionic Woman, while others missed it altogether. Unraveling this mystery might be harder than finding out who the 12th Cylon is.

One thing is for sure: Katee has learned a valuable lesson. Do not fuck with LiveJournal fans.

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