Biological Apocalypse Has Never Looked So Good

Click to viewEver wondered what the end of the world will look like? Artist Gerald Edwards III has, and he's helping you to do the same with a project he calls Psych Securities LLC. Pictures of our next biological attack and its aftermath, as well as an explanation of what it all means, under the jump.


Edwards' website defines what Psych Securities means to him:

With future forecasts declaring ultimate doom from all components of the man-altered world, it seems there is a clog in the conduit of information transmitted between those in control and the public at large. Black Ops, psychological torture, acoustic weapons, Project Starfire, and a multitude of other state sponsored programs exist, well-hidden in plain sight, shrouded in a stigma of conspiracy and diluting any significant public inquiry. Psych Securities LLC is an ongoing exploration of this aforementioned covert reality, most clearly seen while in an alternative psychological state. By compiling declassified documents, historical narratives, and psychedelic conjecture, a visual world is pieced together; undermining strategies of deception and concealed truths.

It's not just fictional narratives that he's interested in; Edwards has also compiled real-world examples as part of the research for the project. Psych Securities LLC [So Far From Shore]


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