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Bill and Ted make their triumphant return in a new ongoing series from Boom! Studios this week, but that’s not all that’s going on in comics. Howard The Duck’s new series begins, the original Spawn returns with a new creative team, and there are plenty of graphic novels and collections to pore over!


Dark Horse

  • Itty Bitty Comics: Grimmiss Island #1 - This new comic from Dark Horse’s kids-friendly Itty Bitty Comics line introduces Grimmiss, a little skeleton tasked with defending his island from the wrath of a Volcano Goddess. Written By: Art Baltazar, Franco Artist: Art Baltazar

DC Comics

  • Batman Arkham Knight #1 - The Joker is dead, and with Arkham City closed, Bruce Wayne recovers from his injuries, in this prequel to the upcoming game by Rocksteady Studios. Written By: Peter J. Tomasi Artists: Viktor Bogdanovic, Art Thibert
  • Detective Comics Endgame #1 - As Gotham City falls apart and Jokerised victims roam the streets, a young band of teenagers rally together to take a stand against the clown prince of Crime. But will Batman accept their help? Written By: Brian Buccellato Artist: Roge Antonia


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  • Southern Cross #1 - A young woman travels to Titan to collect her sister’s remains and investigate the mysterious circumstances around her death. Written By: Becky Cloonan Artists: Andy Belanger
  • Spawn Resurrection #1 - Al Simmons has returned as Spawn, and while fighting with memories from a struggle he doesn’t understand, he must make allies and prepare to defend New York from an oncoming threat. Written By: Paul Jenkins Artist: Jonboy
  • The Surface #1 - Three hackers travel to near-future Tanzania in search of a mysterious place that could change the world, known only as The Surface. Written By: Ales Kot Artists: Langdon Foss, Jordie Bellaire


  • Amazing Spider-Man Special #1 - New Attilan is under attack — and considering the Inhuman City is currently in the Hudson river, that means Spider-Man must step in to defend both his city and the home of the Inhumans. Written By: Jeff Loveness Artist: Luca Pizzari
  • Howard The Duck #1 - Howard’s Private Investigation business opens its doors once more, and his first case sees him take on the Black Cat as well as mysterious alien forces. Written By: Chip Zdarksy Artist: Joe Quinones
  • Nova Annual #1 - Nova turns to the Incredible Hulk to try and get his helmet fixed, leading the duo into an epic journey across Marvel’s cosmic universe. Written By: Gerry Duggan Artist: David Baldeon


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  • Bill & Ted’s Most Triumphant Return (Boom!) - Bill and Ted are back for more time travelling escapades, as they try to turn around the attitude of an evil 27th Century hater of the Wyld Stallyns. Written By: Ryan North, Brian Lynch Artists: Jerry Gaylord, Ian McGinty
  • Hellbreak #1 (Oni Press) - A crack team of special forces agents penetrate the barriers of Hell itself in an attempt to rescue some lost souls. Written By: Cullen Bunn Artist: Brian Churilla
  • Ninjak #1 (Valiant) - The past and present of Colin King collide when he goes up against the Shadow Seven, a group of shinobi with ties to his tragic past. Written By: Matt Kindt Artists: Clay Mann, Butch Guice
  • Outfoxed (Toonound) - A young laundry girl’s life is changed when she finds a wish-granting fox. Written By: Dylan Meconis Artist: Dylan Meconis
  • The Sixth Gun: Dust To Dust (Oni Press) - Billjohn O’Henry may be dead, but death was not the end of his story, nor its beginning, as Oni delves into his past in this new series. Written By: Cullen Bunn Artist: Tyler Crook

Graphic Novels And Collections

  • Batman Beyond: Justice Lords Beyond (DC) - Wonder Woman returns and Batman faces Lord Superman in his continuing journey through the dystopian world of the Justice Lords. Written By: Kyle Higgins, Christos N. Gage Artists: Thony Silas, Various
  • Tiny Titans: Return To The Treehouse (DC) - The Tiny Titans investigate why their treehouse has been shrunken to minuscule size in this kids-friendly adventure. Written By: Art Baltazar, Franco Artist: Art Baltazar
  • Godzilla: Cataclysm (IDW) - Long after Godzilla almost wiped out humanity, the King of Kaijus returns to finish the job Written By: Cullen Bunn Artist: Dave Wachter
  • Copperhead Volume #1 (Image) - Clara Bronson is the new sheriff of a mining town on a backwater planet, and her first day on the job sees her investigate a massacre. Written By: Jay Faerber Artist: Scott Godlewski
  • The Humans Volume 1: Humans for Life (Image) - The Humans battle off threats trying to push them from the top of the heap, engaging in some good old-fashioned gang warfare and drug cooking. Written By: Keenan Keller Artist: Tom Neely
  • Oddly Normal Volume 1 (Image) - Oddly Normal has a human father and a Witch mother, which makes it hard for her to fit in at school — but when a birthday wish gone wrong leads to her parents disappearance, Oddly must embark on an adventure far more challenging than the local school bullies. Written By: Otis Frampton Artist: Otis Frampton
  • Avengers: Quicksilver (Marvel) - Following the events of Onslaught, Quicksilver forges a new path for himself leading the Knights of Wundagore, but a reunion with his sister and fellow Avengers, he must defend Wundagore from the sinister Exodus. Written By: VariousArtists: Various
  • Bite Me! A Vampire Farce (Toonhound) - A Coven of Vampires finds themselves avoiding a date with Madame Guillotine at the height at the French Revolution. Written By:Dylan Meconis Artists: Dylan Meconis
  • Credence Volume One (Black Watch) - Credence’s latest assignment find him dragging himself even further into the depths of Human depravity in an attempt to defeat the devil within. Written By: Michael Easton Artist: Steven Perkins
  • Danse Macabre 2.0 (Toonhound) - The Dance of Death is reimagined for the modern age, with foodies, hipsters and pundits frolicking alongside the Grim Reaper. Written By:Dylan Meconis Artists: Dylan Meconis
  • Family Man Volume One (Toonhound) - Luther Levy finds himself in a romantic tryst with his employer’s daughter, but soon discovers her family is keeping dark secrets within the local woods. Written By: Dylan Meconis Artists: Dylan Meconis
  • Final Incal (Humanoids Inc) - Follow the adventures of John DiFool across space, in a universe facing the threat of an all-devouring metallic virus. Written By:
  • Alejandro Jodorowsky Artist: Jose Ladrönn
  • The Glorkian Warrior Delivers A Pizza (:01 First Second) - The not-so-bright Glorkian Warrior must trust his talking backpack to help him on a dangerous mission... delivering pizza. Written By: James Kochalka Artist: James Kochalka
  • Gronk: A Monster’s Story (Action Lab) - Gronk the monster is not great at being a monster, so she leaves the Monster World behind to go on adventures with her new family. Written By: Katie Cook Artist: Katie Cook
  • Millenium (Humanoids) - Middle Ages Europe finds itself in turmoil as ghoulish creatures prowl the lands, as holy relic merchants Raedwald the Saxon and Arnulf fight to survive. Written By: Richard D. Nolane Artist: Francois Miville-Deschenes
  • Vampirella: Our Lady Of Shadows (D.E) - Vampirella is sent by the Vatican to investigate a kidnapping by the Chaos Cult. Written By: Nancy A. Collins Artist: Patrick Berkenkotter, Cristhian Zamora
  • Roller Girl (Dial Books) - Astrid and Nicole are best friends, but when Astrid falls in love with Roller Derby and Nicole signs up for dance camp, the two drift apart and Astrid finds herself struggling to make friends. Written By: Victoria Jamieson Artist: Victoria Jamieson
  • Short And Merciless Stories (Tinto Press) - This collection of short stories gathers stories of human existence intertwined with dark humour. Written By: Marco Taddei Artist: Simone Angelini
  • Stormquest Volume 1: TimeStorm (Afterburn) - An experiment gone wrong transforms a family into a group of superpowered beings who take it upon themselves to defend the storms of Time. Written By: Robert Wayne Hickey & Various Artists: Greg Land & Various
  • Valiant Masters: Harbinger (Valiant) - Peter Stanchek, born with psionic powers, struggles against his former mentor with a band of teenage rebels who discover the order that trained them harbors a dark secret. Written By: Jim Shooter Artists: David Lapham & Various

Want to see what else is out this week? You can see the full list here - and find out where your nearest Comic Book Store is here!


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