Credit: Screengrab via YouTube

The debut trailer is out for our favorite nerdy scientist’s new Netflix series, and one thing is clear. This ain’t your daddy’s Bill Nye, folks. It’s more like Bill Nye the SEXY GUY.

Bill Nye Saves The World is the latest series from the scientist with a heart of gold and balls of steel, and it’s clear his latest brand of science is designed to be “hip and edgy.” Each episode, filmed in front of a studio audience (or maybe just an oversized camera crew), tackles a specific topic or idea with panel discussions, wacky experiments, in-the-field reporting, and, of course, fist bumps. Lots of fist bumps.


Just look at all of them.

As much as I love Bill Nye, this first trailer has me a bit on the fence. Don’t get me wrong, Bill Nye is a great educator, and Lord knows we need science education right now, but this feels a little too much like Mythbusters meets Lip Sync Battle. It’s busy, zany, and a bit too obsessed with its celebrity guests. Give me Bill Nye schooling a New World Creationist over Joel McHale in a spacesuit any day. (Special exemption for Rachel Bloom, who can sexily dance over my heart whenever she wants.)


Bill Nye Saves The World debuts April 21 on Netflix. You can watch the first trailer below.