BIll Nye is fighting to save planetary exploration. Here's how you can help.

Drop what you're doing and watch this. Bill Nye and the Planetary Society are fighting to ensure that America's deep space missions stay funded — but they need our help to make it happen.

Does the prospect of space exploration excite and inspire you? Do you want to see Adam Steltzner — the rockabilly rocket scientist who helped orchestrate Curiosity's epic sky-crane descent to the surface of Mars — head up a mission to explore the subsurface oceans of Jupiter's moon Europa? Of course you do; you have a pulse, don't you?


Do you ever stare into space, wondering when humans will begin to personally explore its depths? Well, stop it. Stop wondering. It begins right now. Humanity's exploration of the Universe begins with our own solar system. It begins with support right here on Earth. It begins with Bill Nye, with you, and with me. Visit The Planetary Society's "Save Our Science" website to learn more, and to write your own letter in support of planetary exploration. Earth is amazing, and it will always be home, but we humans are destined for so much more.

[The Planetary Society]

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