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Praise be to the casting gods, because Bill Heder in a Roald Dahl film is perfection. If this was going to be an animated film, we'd say to just have all the non-BFG giants voiced by him.


Deadline reports that Heder is joining the Steven Spielberg-helmed film as one of the giants. Spoiler alert: All of them except the titular Big Friendly Giant are human-eating bad guys. Part of the plot revolves the BFG (Mark Rylance) and a young girl named Sophie (Ruby Barnhill) convincing world leaders that something needs to be done about the danger they pose.

So, guesses on who Heder will play? The Bonecruncher? The Childchewer? The Meatdripper? I'm betting either the Bloodbottler — who has a memorable confrontation where Sophie and the BFG manage to outwit him — or the Fleshlumpeater, whose near-escape is part of the book's climax.


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