Bigfoot And Wildboy: The Reason Jimmy Carter Didn't Get A Second Term?

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Somehow you always knew television of the 1970s was a Sargasso Sea of crazy, from which no brain emerged unswirled. But nothing was madder than the Krofft Supershow, and their maddest show was Bigfoot and Wildboy.

Science fiction/fantasy sculpturist Vincent Villafranca turned us on to Bigfoot and Wildboy the other day, and now we're obsessed with watching all the episodes on Youtube. It's just so wrong, from the Sean Cassidy-haired Wildboy to Bigfoot's penchant for leaping high up in the air so that his shaggy crotch occupies the dead center of the screen. THis is the reason our formative years were more like deformative years. The opening credits tell the story:

And here's Wildboy coming face to face with a sexy vampire who has a bunch of cave people in her thrall. I'm going to go out on a limb and say vampires were sexier in the 1970s:

And here he is, dealing with some space aliens, by screaming "BAYABAAA" and leaping in the air. Notice how every time he leaps in the air, it looks exactly the same? That's not because they reused the same footage of Bigfoot on a trampoline or anything — it's because Bigfoot is a gymnast, a finely tuned machine whose every leap is perfect.

Here's another great random snippet. "Suzy...Control box. Bigfoot...wait."

[Thanks Vincent! We think.]

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So one day a writer goes and think that making a show about a bigfoot would be doable but it needs a little "human warm" so they give him a blonde tarzan. But how does one decides that they need to fight aliens and vampires?

and when they show a footage in slow motion, does it mean that is actually faster? So weird #krofftsuperstore