BigDog can now throw shit like it's nobody's business

As if Boston Dynamics's robotic pack mule wasn't terrifying enough, its designers have, in their infinite wisdom, equipped it with a throwing arm. But not just any kind of throwing arm. This thing's a total cannon — one that would make Peyton Manning jealous. Check out the video and watch BigDog toss a cinder block across the room like it was a Nerf football.


We're not entirely sure why a mechanical pack mule needs to be able to throw stuff. But hey, Boston Dynamics is doing its damnest to ensure the most nightmarish robopocalypse possible.

Update: An earlier version of this article noted that DARPA was involved with this add-on, which isn't the case. Rather, it's U.S. Army Research Laboratory.

H/t Engadget.


Christopher Christensen

The only thing that makes sense, is that it now continues to learn how to balance spontaneous weight issues on-the-fly. Chances are you've seen the video of it getting a hard-ass kick or walking on ice, and how it doesn't even phase it.

And yet here, it not only is now the reason of such mass weight being moved around, but it compensates for it perfectly.

Think of how you would be if you tried throwing such a block. Your arms would stretched out to their max, but the rest of your body would be spinning due to centrifugal force. This robot doesn't even move.

To me, this makes sense to be needed, since... well, it's a pack mule. Lets *pretend* it's strong enough to take a direct hit from a grenade or rocket launcher and keep going. It has a much higher chance of being able to shrug it off and keep going.