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There's no question it's going to be very difficult for Marvel to turn Captain America's classic blue-spandex look into reality for their new origins movie. But a few leaked costume details have put our minds at ease, for now.


JoBlo got a sneak peek at the studio-approved costume test for Captain America, and this is what they found out about Cap's new "practical fighting" outfit — not his public-appearance USO duds.

- The shield is the same, but that's about it.
- No more wing tips on the side of Captain's helmet, it's just a plain blue helmet now, but the "A" remains front and center.
- The colors are infinitely softer. It sounds like the blue will be much more of a navy dirty blue.
- No cowl
- The costume material itself appears to be made out of a rough leather — less Spider-Man, more updated X-Men.


Go to JoBlo to read the full description, but so far so good!

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