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Big-screen Captain America may actually look like a soldier

Illustration for article titled Big-screen Captain America may actually look like a soldier

There's no question it's going to be very difficult for Marvel to turn Captain America's classic blue-spandex look into reality for their new origins movie. But a few leaked costume details have put our minds at ease, for now.


JoBlo got a sneak peek at the studio-approved costume test for Captain America, and this is what they found out about Cap's new "practical fighting" outfit — not his public-appearance USO duds.

- The shield is the same, but that's about it.
- No more wing tips on the side of Captain's helmet, it's just a plain blue helmet now, but the "A" remains front and center.
- The colors are infinitely softer. It sounds like the blue will be much more of a navy dirty blue.
- No cowl
- The costume material itself appears to be made out of a rough leather — less Spider-Man, more updated X-Men.


Go to JoBlo to read the full description, but so far so good!

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The only reason the WWII-era "costume" in Ultimates worked was because Marvel readers already knew what the real Cap costume looked like and could enjoy a retro-pastiche of Kelly's Heroes meets The Invaders for a dozen pages or so. But the Ultimates comic was (wisely) constructed so that the story would race through the WWII period and get to the modern era story quickly, leaving the interesting-but-ultimately-unacceptable soldier-in-leather version of the costume behind as the novelty it was, and swiftly delivered the more appropriate modern costume.

While I like the idea of the Cap movie being a WWII period action piece, I am not in love with the idea that the only version of his costume that we are going to see is a non-costume: an Army soldier carrying a stupid shield and whose fatigues are Navy blue (yeah, right, guys from the armed forces who go to the movie are gonna love that one).

I guess we'll have to wait for the Avengers movie to see a proper Cap costume, but as far as I'm concerned Hollywood has merely proved once again that, aside from a rare few (Superman, Batman, Spiderman) it doesn't know how to make classic superhero costumes acceptable to modern audiences.