Fans eager for their first taste of what to expect from J.J. Abrams' Star Trek movie get a treat this week with the release of the official prologue comic Countdown, complete with unexpected Romulan slang.

Trekmovie ran a preview of the opening of the comic's first issue over the weekend, and fans were a little surprised by some of the dialogue they saw:

Do romulans really say “Big Boy” and get your ass up here??? Well Next Genie fans there’s your big gift of a little slice of inclusion in the rebirth of the TOS Trek franchise, a comic written by a ridlin addled mtv emo 14 year old. Enjoy!!!


While we're not going to go that far, we have to admit, this did seem a little... unRomulanlike:

For those who may be upset by the prospect of slangtastic aliens in the new Trek movie, rest assured; with the preview only showing the first five pages of the first issue (of four), there's lots of time for these particular Romulans to brush up their more formal cliches and bloodthirstiness.


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