Big Bang Theory Star to Make a Movie Called Man-Witch

Ugghhhhhh. Jim Parsons, a dominating force in the worst sitcom about nerd culture ever, has signed on to star and produce Man-Witch, a comedy about an adult male with magical powers who is not a warlock, a mage, a conjurer, or a sorcerer, but is instead a Man-Witch.

Per the Hollywood Reporter:

The story tells of a schoolteacher (Parsons) who abruptly discovers he’s got witchlike powers. A coven of real witches takes him in, promptly sending him to “witch school,” where he is the lone adult, surrounded by little girl witches-in-training.


Needless to say, this type of project isn’t quite what we were hoping to see as a result of The Witch’s popularity. And perhaps there’s not really a connection there, anyway: Man-Witch has been kicking around since 2005, and at one point had the interest of director Todd Phillips (The Hangover, Old School), as well as potential stars Jack Black and Zach Galifianakis.

Jim Parsons photo by Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP

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