Bicycling Is Now The Fastest Growing Method Of Commuting To Work

So long, flying cars! It turns out that the transportation of the future might just already be propped up next to your garage: the bicycle.

According to a new Census report on how we're getting around these days, biking is the fastest-growing mode of commuting to work in the U.S. today.


Interestingly, the temperateness of the climate didn't seem to have much to do with which geographical areas bicycles were becoming popular in. Portland, OR was the most popular city for bicyclists, but the next most popular places — Madison, WI and Minneapolis, MN — are known for their frosty climates.

Of course, the car is still, by far, the most popular way of getting to work. 86% of people commute by car. The next most popular option, public transportation, only came in at 5%. Right now, even with the new numbers, bicyclists are less than 1% of all commuters. Still, given how easy they are on the environment, your health, and our infrastructure, there are a lot of reasons to feel good about the surge in bicyclists.

Image: Cyclists in Copenhagen / heb

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