Beyond Protocol Lets You Conquer Planets for Free Until December

The makers of Beyond Protocol, a real-time strategy MMO of interplanetary warfare, just announced that they're pushing their release date to November of this year. Bad news, right? Well, there's a big, thick silver lining. If you pre-order the game, you can immediately jump into the closed beta and play for free from now until the official launch, at which point you'll get a free month. Sweet deal. We've got the details, plus some new screenshots of the ridiculously deep unit design interface.We previewed Beyond Protocol last month, and since then the designers have been hard at work hammering the final version into shape. They'll have the game ready in a week or so, but want to spend a few months ironing out bugs and tweaking things so they have a smooth launch. You can pre-order the game right now for $49.95. The planned subscription fee will be roughly $12 per month, with discounts if you buy several months at a time. Now, about those unit design screens:


Sorry the words are a bit small in the images - they're easier to read in-game. Obviously, this is going to appeal to some hard core strategy gamers. There's a lot going on there, with a pretty steep learning curve. Hey, if you want easy, go play Bejeweled. Images by: Dark Sky Entertainment. Pre-order the game here.

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