For sale: a painted sex wagon sporting a mural of Spock riding a half naked woman. Some images NSFW, due to highly illogical airbrushed boobs.

The new owner (not original) is reluctantly selling this "1978 GMC G15 Custom Star Trek 'boogie' Van" on craigslist. We think "boogie" is slang for "horrifying fuck machine." And who wouldn't want to spend around $10,000 on a van that you couldn't dive anywhere. Behold:

Also we're pretty sure Spock's arm is some sort of vague reference to the Star Wars poster which is NOT CANON.

We can't get close enough to the back to get a good look, but this side appears to picture some guy who clocked a woman, and now they are about to have sex? Plus lots of room for the kiddies' soccer gear, amirite?

Hidden dick and/or Klingon.

This side we like:

The van does not own the rights to Star Trek. Therefore the character names on the hood have hereby been renamed Bunes, Kark, and Spork.

And BEHOLD the gorgeous interior. Note the sink has been replaced with (what we're assuming is) a Costco sized jar of lube.

Thank you for the tip Chris Person.