Beware The Wrath Of Warlord Shank!

This clip shows off everything that was great about Space Cases, the kids-in-space show that ran on Nickelodeon for two seasons. It has George Takei chewing not just the scenery, but the actual walls, as the evil neck-gyrating Warlord Shank, whose ship has been hit with a computer virus by a demented computer. And then it has the super-smart Suzee, easily the best character on the show, projecting herself telepathically into that computer. Warlord Shank is a master of space smack talk!

Space Cases was the brainchild of comics/Star Trek novels/Babylon 5 writer Peter David and Lost In Space star Bill Mumy. You can see the trademark Peter David goofiness in a lot of the humor, but it also has a lot of David's cleverness and willingness to delve into intense shit.

Suzee started out as the imaginary friend of Catalina (Firefly's Jewel Staite), but after Staite left the show Suzee suddenly became real and everyone could see her. Here's a clip of Jewel escaping a space prison using her wits and her Black Canary-esque super-scream.


Suzee's a genius who understands every computer ever, and she has gills on her neck that allow her to breathe in any atmosphere. Plus she can project her mind into other sentients, including the computer in this clip. Plus, her hair rules, way more than Catalina's did. In this episode, the series finale, the lonely and damaged computer wants to keep Suzee prisoner forever. But Suzee teaches the computer that friendship means being willing to let your friends go. And then after Suzee finally leaves, Warlord Shank shows up seeking revenge for that computer virus. The computer tells Shank all about how it's learned the true meaning of friendship. And then Shank says, "Warlord Shank has learned that he doesn't care what you have learned!" And blasts the computer to atoms. Awesome.

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