When last we heard of Beware the Batman, WB's latest DC animated series, it had been mysteriously yanked from the Saturday morning DC Nation block after a mere 11 episodes. Now CN will finally air the remaining 15... but at 3:00 am on Saturday nights.

The show will join the Toonami block at the impressively bad timeslot, with new episodes premiering in July (the first episode will air on May 10th). It's like Cartoon Network wants as few children to see the show as possible while still airing it. I don't know if this means Beware the Batman was awful or if CN does somehow have it out for DC animation, but I do know this means the show is definitely canceled.


So what will the next Batman cartoon be? I vote for the return of Brave and the Bold, but I'd say it's chances of a revival aren't much better than Beware the Batman's. Well, whatever DC does next, it'll be hard-pressed to fail more completely than this.

[Via IGN]

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