If you still have nightmares about the fleet-footed Velociraptors from Jurassic Park, here is yet another reason to fear them. Paleontologists now believe that the predatory dinosaurs climbed trees, where they would wait to pounce on their prey.

Phil Manning of the University of Manchester has been examining the biomechanics of raptors, with an especial focus on the dinosaurs' claws, which Manning previously found were sharp enough to puncture skin, but probably could not tear it open. Manning now believes that the claws were better suited to climbing trees than ripping open prey, with the Velociraptor waiting for prey to appear below them and then leaping down, hooking its claws into a hapless animal and delivering a killing blow with its powerful teeth.


If Manning is correct, this may demand a revision of Randall Munroe's famous Velociraptor problem:

Velociraptor's 'killing' claws were for climbing [New Scientist]
Raptor problem from xkcd.

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