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Beware Food Stuffs From Another Planet

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We've seen aliens that have looked like plants, cars and - most often, thanks to budgetary restraints - humans, but what about an alien that looks like a chocolate cake? Meet Cakey. He's a cake from outer space, and he's come to Earth to help Duncan, a 13-year-old with a rapid growth problem in the greatest 1980s sitcom that accidentally made the detour to 21st Century web series ever made.Cakey first premiered a couple of years ago at Channel 102, the monthly live screening of independent comedy shorts in New York that also gave birth to Adult Swim's Fat Guy Stuck In Internet, before making the jump to online channel SuperDeluxe at the beginning of the year. The show centers around Cakey, Duncan and Duncan's doubting, anorexic, transvestite father who sees Cakey as nothing but a tempting, tasty way of jumping off the diet wagon. As you can guess, hilarity often ensues: Click to view Sadly, the internets were not kind to Cakey and, after seven fondant covered episodes, the series was cancelled due to low ratings... with the final episode, "The Death of Cakey," never officially released. But was that title a tease? According to the creators of the show, Mr. Ghost, not in the slightest:

SuperDeluxe bought it along with the other episodes to keep it out of circulation, never intenting to air it both for its length (they didn't want anything over 3:30 and the finale is 7 minutes or something), for the use of a copyright-protected song (which we probably could have gotten rights too… ), but mostly because Cakey dies very visibly and is eaten on screen. No falling off a cliff and missing body-Cakey is 100% dead in the episode.


I'm glad we'll never see the finale, in that case. In my heart, Cakey will live forever. Cakey! The Cake From Outer Space [SuperDeluxe]

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Cakey is, I presume, a blatant homage or rip-off of Fudgey the Whale and Cookie Puss.

Tom Carvel, the original owner of Carvel Ice Cream, used to have these very meta commercials in the 1980s with an ice cream cake whale... floating in space. Tom Carvel would narrate the commercials in a very homespun fashion, but the overall effect was quite bizarre.

He also had a cake called "Cookie Puss" which also floated through space.

The commercials appeared to have been made for at most five dollars and ran for many years.