Betty White's Greatest Science Fiction And Fantasy Moments

Here's television and movie icon Betty White putting The Fear into Batman and Robin, in a clip from Return To The Batcave. Below, a clip of the inimitable Ms. White feeding a cow to a mutant super-crocodile.

Betty White's having a new resurgence of coolness thanks to some high-profile roles and hosting Saturday Night Live. But those in the know have always loved Ms. White — and she's done some stellar science fiction and fantasy roles. Including being the voice of Yoshie in Disney's English-dubbed version of Ponyo:

She also appears in an Alf special called Alf Loves A Mystery, which only ever appeared once on NBC and has never been shown again or released on video. What secrets did she tell our favorite puppet alien, that are too dangerous for the world to know?


And here she is in Lake Placid, playing a widow with a huge secret. Just what happened to her husband? (Given that it's a movie about a giant evil crocodile, what do you think happened?) The best part is where she tells the cop, "If I had a dick, this is the part where I'd tell you to suck it."

She's also been in Disney's Hercules, and she became a regular in the doomed second season of Bob Newhart's sitcom about comic-book creators and their messed-up superheroes, Bob.

Everybody loves Betty White, but she's got a special place in our hearts.

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