Better Thanksgivings Through Chemistry!

At first blush, brining a turkey doesn't make much sense. The process of osmosis – whereby water moves to regions of higher solute (i.e. salt) concentration – might lead you to believe that soaking the bird in salty solution would pull moisture out of the meat. So why doesn't it?


Well, it actually does. But that's just the first step of the brining process. What happens next is what makes brined birds all kinds of juicy and delicious. In the latest installment of BytesizeScience, the American Chemical Society's Sean Parsons and Elaine Seward walk us through 5 helpful ways chemistry can improve your Thanksgiving. (Or, at least, your understanding of its traditions. Traditions like brining your turkey.)

[Via BytesizeScience]

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I just learned today that you're supposed to make reaux with 1 part fat and 1 part flour by weight. Explains why I've always needed to add more flour to get the right consistency.

If you're into cooking and chemistry, there's a book called Ratio that's good.