Better Off Ted has certainly hit its stride with geeky characters Lem and Phil. While Portia de Rossi's wit is slowly catching up, it's the scientists who carry this endearing little sitcom.

This week, Lem addressed his anger at Phil for allowing Veridian Dynamics to freeze him for one year (thankfully, he was accidentally thawed out after a few days). Phil had completely forgotten how this would dramatically change Lem's life (since they'd been lab partners for ten years as well). It was so adorable, I could cry when the two got in a spat and made up. Seriously if Ted gets canned I'm going to miss these two the most.


Also in this episode, Veridian Dynamics wanted to grow their own beef (cow free) with Portia de Rossi spearheading the developments. Last week I mentioned that I still hadn't really responded to Portia's character, but this episode yielded a much bigger pay-off. Mainly because she stopped being "scary boss" and tried to talk to the commoners, and her spot on timing really nailed it - from trying to seduce Phil into not suing the company, to creating a fake award that she later coveted. I'm not so sure how much staying power this character has, but I'm in for at least a season.

The good looking, monologuing-into-the-camera main character Ted's warm sensibility continues to guide the show forward, as the predictable straight man. But I worry that he may eventually need something else to do beside pining after the new office employee, because it's the second episode and I'm already tired of this going-nowhere relationship. All in all it was another sweet little half hour that I enjoyed - more so than what's become of a lot of other TV sitcoms (cough cough Scrubs). But it still can't hold a candle to 30 Rock's wit or How I Met Your Mothers' heart. Hopefully Ted can figure out what type of show it is fast, before people stop watching, because I want more Lem and Phil.

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