Better Late Than Never: Netflix Is Getting Person of Interest Next Month!

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Yes, you can finally watch the best science fiction show on network TV, on Netflix. Person of Interest has been mind-blowingly great for the past four seasons, but this show about artificial intelligence hasn’t found the geeky audience it deserves. But that’s all about to change.


We’re excited to be the ones to break the news, exclusively at io9—Netflix will have the first three seasons of Person of Interest starting Sept. 1, and the fourth season on Sept. 22. (The deal was announced ages ago, but there was no start date for the show becoming available, until now.)

This news means that everyone will have a decent shot at being caught up on Person of Interest before the show’s fifth season airs sometime in 2016. (And we’re still hoping that season won’t be the show’s last—if enough people become fans between now and then.)


To help you get started, here’s our handy guide to which episodes in the first season are essential viewing for science-fiction fans.

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Dan Entwistle

It’s been on UK Netflix for ages and on my list for around the same amount of time. This has just reminded me of both of those facts. I think it’s time to watch!