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David Tennant hasn't definitively said whether he's going to stay in the Tardis beyond the guest-startastic end of this season's Doctor Who, but a little thing like reality isn't enough to stop the UK's bookies. They've starting giving odds on who's most likely to replace him. And, if you're a betting person, you might want to check out Trainspotting one more time...

According to Scottish newspaper the Daily Record, a surprising majority of people seem to think that Robert Carlyle - star of Trainspotting and 28 Weeks Later - will follow fellow countryman Tennant in the role of the BBC's favorite time lord:

Bookies William Hill - who are giving odds on who will be the 11th Time Lord - say that 85 per cent of punters think Carlyle is the man. Hill's spokesman Rupert Adams said: "At this stage it is difficult to tell if the bets are wishful thinking or based on insider knowledge.

"But there can be little doubt that Carlyle would be a fantastic replacement."

Jason Statham, Alan Davis, James Nesbitt and John Simm are also in the frame for bets. Carlyle hasn't shut the Tardis door on taking the role. He said: "Would I do it? Possibly."


For those who really want to check out the odds, website Den of Geek has a rundown on who seems to be in the running right now, although some of their choices - Daniel Radcliffe? Billie Piper? - seem to be more based on random rumors than anything approaching real possibility at this point. Let's just wait and see whether Tennant wants to see for another season or two before jumping to any conclusions, why don't we?

Scots star Robert Carlyle is bookie's favourite to be next Doctor Who [Daily Record]

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Jack B. Quick

We know he's in the Christmas Special, so he'll be there beyond the series finale for sure. He's probably also in the tv-specials of next year; he's always talking about _series five_ (airing in 2010)when asked about potentially quitting, never the specials (AFAIK), which leads me to believe that he'll stay on for at least a few of the specials next year, if he's leaving at all. The fact that they're building up 10 as being young now actually makes it very improbable that Tennant'd resign. Moffat would never write himself into a corner like that, do you think?

Not that I want Tennant to leave, ever-ever-ever, but too bad they used up John Simm already; he's fan-frickin'-tastic.

The next Doctor would truly have to be larger-than-life, and pack more gravitas than Tennant, which would be a pretty monumental task, IMO. I'm thinking a Baker-style Doctor is needed to follow Tennant, but of course it's realistic to think that they'd totally reinvent the character again like they've always done, so maybe comparisons are futile. Seeing what Moffat did with Doctor Jekyll/Mr Hyde, he's definitely the man for some reinvention.

Of course, I really liked Rowan Atkinson's Doctor and Jonathan Pryce's Master, and would really like to see those guys again! And Richard E. Grant's one-off 9th Doctor cartoon was pretty amazing, I really liked his extremely different take on the role - all high airs and arrogance.