Best Zombie Nazi Fight Scene In History!

If you weren't excited about Norwegian horror movie Dead Snow, this clip should surely change your mind. See the most intense, insane and amazing Nazi-zombie-fighting scene ever.

I predict that Dead Snow (Død Snø) will sweep over Sundance like an unholy snow storm. If the rest of the fight scenes are like this small clip, then Dead Snow is sure to succeed. Dead Snow takes place during a snowy holiday for a bunch of medical students. Their mountain top debauchery unleashes a clan of undead Nazis, who formerly occupied this winter wonderland. The rest is blood and gore. Please, please release this movie in the U.S. right now, I can wait no longer.


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crashedpc /sarcasm

Holy crap that was hardcore. Self cauterization!

Of course, the poor guy was fucked anyway...

Quibble time! The other guy barely emotes at all, even after seeing the guy chainsaw his arm off, sear it shut, and get bitten in the nuts?