Last week, Syfy aired the awesomely cheesetastic movie Dinoshark, directed by Roger Corman himself. And in this scene, Corman shows us why he is the master of stock footage repurposed for giant monster fu.

Let's face it: Most of Dinoshark is padding, packed with random teen girl water polo players and idyllic shots of Puerto Vallarta. There's a jovial feeling to the whole thing, as if Corman and his buddies really wanted a vacation in Mexico and got some resort to underwrite the shoot as long as they promised to do a lot of scenes highlighting tourism. We learn all about how you can go whale watching, snorkeling, boating, and parasailing. We see Corman and his pals eating tasty food with "scientists." (Yes, Corman is in the movie, playing a "scientist" who trains dolphins and eats tasty food at a resort with his cute wife while sequencing Dinoshark's DNA using a home PC.)

Anyway, back to what makes this scene so genius. You're watching the surfing footage. You're thinking, "Oh jeezus this is totally stock footage." You're watching more of the surfing. You're starting to wonder how long this can go on. They're still surfing! Still! Wait for it . . . wait for it . . . and . . . YES! Dude!


I'm telling you - it's worth the wait.

Dinoshark via IMDB