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Best Songs And Surprise Cameos From The Astounding Simpsons Live Show

Illustration for article titled Best Songs And Surprise Cameos From The Astounding emSimpsons Live/em Show

This weekend, the massive Hollywood Bowl was taken over by The Simpsons. And even though we didn't get to attend, we can still live vicariously through the amazing video that's leaked out. So here's our roundup of the best medleys, ballads, and powerhouse performances by surprise guests like Conan O'Brien — who sang the very song he wrote while working for the series.


"The Monorail Song!" we included his whole intro (because it's great) but Conan O'Brien (who penned this song back when he was writing for the series) really starts going around 3:15.

Jon Lovitz showed up to play tribute to his dear friend Phil Hartman (Troy McClure) by singing "You'll Never Make a Monkey Out of Me" from the Planet of the Apes musical. And I swear to god, I would be absolutely bawling if I was in the theater during this performance.

"Happy Birthday Lisa" (a personal favorite).

"See My Vest" — an io9 favorite, because you guys keep posting it in the comments.

"We Do" — the Simpsons song I'm still trying to get out of my head.

"Who Needs the Kwik-E-Mart?" with Hank Azaria just being generally amazing.

And, of course, "The Bartman." No clue if they played, "Born Under A Bad Sign" which was also from the Simpsons Sing the Blues album — but if you know, please point me in the right direction.

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Always been a massive Simpsons fan, and this is awesome (even though, no Dr. Zaeus??)

Rewatching it recently, though, has made me feel like Azaria's Apu voice is uncomfortably close to a blackface minstrel show. Idk, I feel like the whole joke with that character is 'Stereotypical Indian guy with hilarious accent and funny religion'