Best movie title of the year: "Codependent Lesbian Alien Seeks Same"

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This indie flick debuting at the Sundance Film Festival has a title that says it all. We've got the trailer.


Here's the plot summary:

Three lesbian aliens are sent to Earth. Their mission? To have their hearts broken by earthlings so their overactive emotions won't destroy the ozone of their planet. As the fetching extraterrestrials search for romance on the New York lesbian dating scene, one finds love with Jane, an eager stationery store clerk who is oblivious to the fact that she's dating an alien. The other two, discovering the neediness of earthling women, connect with each other as they reflect on the beauty of a cheesecake in a revolving dessert case.


I cannot wait to watch this feature debut from Madeleine Olnek.

via Twitch (thanks Avery Battles!)

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Ahh I hate when I hear about these movies that are going to be at film festivals and I have to wait to watch it. Can't they release it on video too?